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What makes a presentation engaging?

Delivering a good presentation is an art. Whilst doing so, there are several factors one must consider so as to leave an imprint on the audience.

First off, time is a primary concern while giving a presentation. So a presentation must be short and understandable to the audience as far as possible not taking much of their time which can be annoying and boring.

An interest should be created in the audience in the beginning of the presentation to grab their attention throughout the presentation. It should start with an ice breaker whether by asking a question or with a powerful statement relating with the topic.

Understand the audience is also vital as everyone will not be an expert in the conceptual language so keeping it simple will be another primary concern for the presentation.

Humour can be a plus point but there is a limitation to it as it can turn into an unpleasant one. A healthy humour can entertain or delight the audience to capture their attention.

Stories are always fascinating and interesting. People love listening to stories as we are by nature more concerned about what is happening in other people’s life. So telling stories is a necessary part of a presentation to grasp the viewer’s attention. Ranting is something that should possibly not to be done or the presentation can seem to be prayer chanting.

However, the three top most important aspects are practice, practice and practice. Without practice no one will be able to deliver his/her point and again the audience will get distracted. So, it is a must for everyone to practice at least 5 times before going to the stage.

Body language should be maintained while presenting. Moving around and using your hands can help you to engage the audience. Your body language should not be inactive. People who notice you if you move around and can easily be attracted.

Ending on a serious note, one can, following these tips, make the whole presentation interactive and engaging.


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