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Eduware is an online enterprise training solutions and management tool for training and talent management in organizations. It is a platform for workplace learning. Set training, tests, track progress, share resources and engage employees

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Why Eduware?

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Eduware has perfect blend of training material, technology, and service that’s designed to meet your exact needs to help your company grow.

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Eduware’s integrated tools of metrics to track employees skills will work for your employees development life cycle in an organization from recruitment to promotion.

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Eduware provide a platform for workplace learning to help your employee be upto date with latest technologies to increase their productivity.

Edushala has collaborated and provided training and ICT learning solution to organizations in Nepal.


Eduware is can be easily integrated to organization’s ERP system to manage and track training programs. The organization plan and schedule trainings and tests to the employees. Eduware can be used for employees entire development cycle from recruitment to enterprise training

  • Better transfer of knowledge and talent management
  • Bank-level security
  • Track employee progress


Eduware makes it easy for employees to learn and reinforce learning, in one place. Eduware also provides a central portal into other organization systems and third party tools. Using Eduware, employees can

  • Access learning resources from anywhere
  • Improve professional skills
  • Get award and certified


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Access & Share Digital Content

Our library has huge library of digital content on different topics - compliance tests, professional skills, technical skills and more. We also design and offer customized digital contents tailored for your organization need.

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Intuitive Training Management Interface

Our platform makes it easy to create, assign, & track trainings. Eduware can help you assign training programs &tests to employees according to your requirement & has a sleek UI/UX for learners & trainers .

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Planning & Tracking Employee Progress

You can get access to real time data of your employees - view in-depth user and group analytics, track top and weak performers, and export the data into CSV and MS-Excel file format.

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Our user can connect with your HRIS or other available learning technology which will allow us to work seamless with your current IT infrastructure so you don’t have to spend a ton of money on compatible infrastructure.

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Hosting and Update

Hosted on our advanced and secured cloud hosted infrastructure, you don't have to worry about buying servers, maintenance, storage or staying up to date. Learn more about the server